Dear Radio Scouter

We have JOTA/JOTI Lunching with Mr. Herman Hui, Chairman, World Scout Committee and Dr. Eduardo Missoni, Secretary General, as following,

If you will be able to connect with 8J1S "Echolink node 288275"
Please let me know by E-mail and preparing short message to JOTA/JOTI participants.

If 8J1S will not be able to have capacity for connecting with many stations,
We will use JOTA-E Conference.

Venue : 22nd Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference in Tokyo

Schedule 19th Oct. 2007


11:30 Opening


11:35 History of JOTA (Presentation) by JA1YSS members

11:45 Radio Scouting in Japan

11:50 Activities of 8J1S and 8J100S

11:55 Demonstration
(8J1S will contact with Australia and etc by EchoLink)

12:00 Official Launching by Mr. Herman Hui, Chairman, World Scout Committee
(by EchoLink)

12:15 Message to JOTA/JOTI participants by Dr. Eduardo Missoni, Secretary General
(by EchoLink)

12:30 Closing


Tat. Mochiki JH1FEL
8J1S & 8J100S
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